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Long Island

LIRR signal problems resolved, residual delays remain

Signal problems east of the East River tunnels that disrupted the evening commute earlier Wednesday evening, creating systemwide delays and some cancellations, have been resolved, the Long Island Rail Road said.

While residual delays of about 15 minutes remain in both directions on all LIRR branches, service is no longer being canceled or suspended, said LIRR spokesman Salvatore Arena.

LIRR westbound trains, however, will bypass Kew Gardens, Forest Hills and Woodside due to a broken rail west of Woodside, the rail road said.

A signal problem in the East River tunnels caused a westbound train to be stopped before the tunnel at 5:11 p.m., Arena said. That train was held for about 45 minutes while the problem was fixed, creating westbound delays and temporary suspension of service between Jamaica and Penn Station.

Five eastbound trains were also canceled, Arena said.

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