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Sunday evening showers and chilly temps usher in comfortable weather for rest of the week

A thunderstorm just south of Long Beach, near

A thunderstorm just south of Long Beach, near the Queens-Nassau County border, produced a waterspout. It lifted before reaching the shore. Credit: Thomas Provenzano

Scattered showers marked Sunday evening's weather, but the rest of the week will be sunny, dry and pleasant on Long Island, meteorologists said.

Sunday hit a high of 75 degrees, with the sky turning partly cloudy as evening fell, when temperatures were expected to drop to the mid- to upper 50s, providing a hint that fall will be here soon.

"It'll be pretty cool at night [Sunday]," said Carlie Buccola, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Upton. "The normal is 59 so we'll be a few degrees below."

Sunday's rain comes a day after the rainy storm front Saturday caused at least one waterspout in the Atlantic Ocean southwest of Long Beach. Buccola said the waterspout, which she described as a tornado over the water, was spotted about 5:30 p.m. Saturday.

There were no injuries reported.

"The storms moving on shore happened to produce a waterspout," Buccola said. "It was part of the low-pressure system going south toward the north that gave us all that rain yesterday [Saturday] but it never reached the shore."

But the sunshine returns Monday, "and stays through the rest of the week," Buccola added. Look for a high reaching the mid-70s and clear skies at night, when temperatures will again dip into the upper 50s.

"Monday will be improving but it'll be breezy, and it'll feel a little bit chilly at the start of the week," said News 12 Long Island meteorologist Bruce Avery. "Later in the week there'll be lots of sun."

Tuesday's high will be near 81 and the nighttime low dips to 64.

Wednesday will bring a high of 80, and reach a low at night of 65.

Similar weather is predicted for Thursday, when a high of 79 is expected and the low at night will again be 65.

The great weather continues for the start of the weekend on Friday, when the sun remains with us and temperatures will be in a comfortable upper 70s during the day and lows around 65 at night.

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