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Long Island celebrity yearbook pictures: The '80s

"Mirage," "Macroona," and "Miss Mod" were the nicknames

"Mirage," "Macroona," and "Miss Mod" were the nicknames of this 1987 Harborfields High School graduate. Her activities included "sleeping late," "signing in" and "do or dies." She listed "hanging out w/ Patti J. + K.F., corvettes," guidos and disco as the things she liked, and recalled fond memories of the beach, "Gram-bag's boat" and Chippendales. Credit: Handout

It was the '80s.

Mullets equaled manhood. Ladies wouldn't dare commence hot date preparation before the requisite trip to CVS for three bottles of White Rain.

The result was some unique yearbook pictures, and we have proof that Long Island high school graduates who went on to stardom were not spared.

Click on the link above to check out our finds. Enjoy!

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