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Long Island

Long Island: Our Story / Chapters 6-8

Content from chapters 1-5 of Long Island: Our Story can be found here.

Two decades ago, Newsday began publishing the first pages of “Long Island: Our Story,” our celebrated 273-part series that told the history of this island we call home, from the Ice Age to the Space Age. Now, 20 years later, we’re proud to once again share this remarkable story with a new generation of Long Islanders.

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  • The base of the center span of the

    Chapter 6: Gateway to a century

    Part one of Chapter 6 of “Long Island: Our Story” is available here.

    Part two of Chapter 6 of “Long Island: Our Story” is available here.

    Photo Credit: National Archives

  • An early sketch of the planned community on

    Home on the plains

    Grazing land gives way to Garden City, one of the earliest planned developments.

    Photo Credit: Collection of Vincent F. Seyfried

  • Shellfishermen work the Great South Bay from catboats

    The shellfish that made LI famous

    South Shore shellfish were welcomed internationally and brought prosperity home.

    Photo Credit: Nassau County Museum Collection

  • In the late 1860s, several lines served the

    The LIRR gets on track

    After discovering Long Island, the LIRR pulls ahead by absorbing other lines.

    Photo Credit: Collection of Vincent F. Seyfried

  • The octagonal Wetherill house, overlooking Stony Brook Harbor

    The architect of desire

    Stanford White, designer of elegant Long Island houses for the Gilded Age.

    Photo Credit: Newsday/Bill Davis

  • Theodore Roosevelt, vice president of the United States,

    The White House on the hill

    As president, Theodore Roosevelt spent summers at his beloved Cove Neck mansion.

    Photo Credit: Theodore Roosevelt Association

  • Skipper Frank Cable stands in the conning tower

    Submarines in LI waters

    John Holland's persistence at America's first sub base leads to improvements.

    Photo Credit: Cutchogue Library

  • Smoking in public, a scene on the beach

    Chapter 7: The Modern Era

    Part one of Chapter 7 of “Long Island: Our Story” is available here.

    Part two of Chapter 7 of “Long Island: Our Story” is available here.

    Photo Credit: International News Photos

  • Italian electrical engineer and nobel laureate Guglielmo Marconi

    A battle over the air waves

    Long Island was part of the turf where radio pioneers Marconi and Tesla fought for fame.

    Photo Credit: Getty Images/Hulton Archive

  • The Big Duck is escorted to its new

    The story of the Big Duck

    Born as a creature of commerce, the Big Duck grew to symbolize Long Island.

    Photo Credit: Newsday/John H. Cornell Jr.

  • Elinor Smith smiling from the cabin of her

    How LI teen Elinor Smith flew into history

    Elinor Smith was a world-class pilot before she was out of her teens.

    Photo Credit: AP

  • Butch Premier at Glen Cove. Mayor of Glen

    A shaggy dog's war story

    Butch didn’t notice World War II, and that was just fine with humans seeking normalcy.

    Photo Credit: Newsday/Herbert McCory

  • Alicia Patterson with her father, Joseph Medill Patterson,

    The little paper that could

    After the war was over, the rise of Levittown started an eastward migration that launched Newsday into a long period of sustained growth.

    Photo Credit: Newsday file photo

  • A view of Jones Beach State Park in

    Jones Beach, the marvel by the sea

    When Jones Beach opened Aug. 4, 1929, visitors marveled at the elegance of Robert Moses' nautical vision.

    Photo Credit: Newsday file photo

  • Several of the original Levittown homes are seen

    Chapter 8: The new frontier

    Part one of Chapter 8 of “Long Island: Our Story” is available here.

    Photo Credit: Newsday

  • The May 1957 rescue of Benny Hooper Jr.,

    Benny Hooper and 'The Miracle of Manorville'

    The rescue of Benny Hooper and the 1957 "Miracle of Manorville."

    Photo Credit: Newsday

  • An aerial view of the R.H. Macy's store

    A shopping giant arrives

    Developer Zeckendorf's new idea produces a mighty mall at Roosevelt Field

    Photo Credit: Newsday/Cliff De Bear

  • William Woodward Jr. and his wife, Ann, arrive

    A slaying in high society

    A socialite shoots her husband, and the killing is called a case of mistaken identity.

    Photo Credit: Newsday/Tom Maguire

  • Martha Prime, 9-years-old, of Huntington, gets a polio

    LI's vaccine volunteers

    In 1954, thousands line up to fight polio -- taking the shots felt around the world.

    Photo Credit: Newsday/Water del Toro