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Long Islanders react to possible MTA cutbacks

Diane Dunn, 56, Hicksville

Dunn, who has been taking the buses for 35 years, said, "I can take the train to Bethpage and walk 30 minutes, but it's going to take me twice as long. "It's going to be a hassle."

Dunn's commute now, which includes the N80 route, takes her about 20 minutes.

Norbert Tennant, 61, Westbury

"It's a route that I take every day to work; it's surprising to me because I thought only city buses were getting cut."

"I'm going to have to work out something different."

Tennant's commute from Westbury to work in Massapequa takes him about 55 minutes now, but if the N80 is cut, he will have to make several more connections.

Claudea Espinoza, 40, a Chelsea supermarket employee from Port Washington.

"I don't like it. I don't like it for sure. It's not good. I take it seven days. I am working every day. I spend a lot of money on the train, $204 a month."

Thomas Miceli, 64, a part-time government consultant from Mineola.

"It's the economy. I am on the main line. I am OK with it. But people who live on Port Washington, they are going to feel it. Next time the fare is going to go up. You live with it."

Davis Cayenne, 44, information technology, from Laurelton.

"Of course it's going to affect people in an adverse way. You have to prepare a little earlier."

Julia Heslin, 18, a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology from Yaphank. "It's nothing anybody wants. I would probably put up with whatever they want to do because I have to get here."

Chris Andrews, 40, a salesman from Huntington.

"It's the corruption, and that's the problem with the situation. They just keep taking and taking, and they'll never know when to stop until people start putting up a fight."

Maurice Marion, 38, a construction worker who takes the train daily from Huntington.

"For now it's good, so I won't complain."

Terrence Demaso, 36, a construction worker from Westwood who travels on the LIRR's West Hempstead branch to get to work on weekdays. He said he wouldn't miss service on weekends because the trains are already infrequent on the line at that time.

"If it's a weekend, I usually go to Valley Stream if I have to go anywhere in the city. . . . I'd love to do their books one day. What a piece of work."

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