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Long Islanders share their love of hammocks

Anita Leibowitz, of Commack, enjoyed some time in

Anita Leibowitz, of Commack, enjoyed some time in her hammock in May. Her husband captured her repose. "My hammock is my sling of paradise," Leibowitz said. Credit: Leibowitz family

Long Island hammock owners of all ages have no trouble wiling away the hours in their beloved slings. Here are some of their fondest memories and favorite lounge activities:


"I am on my second hammock. The frame was purchased several years ago at Target. The hammock itself wore out and I purchased the replacement online. It is set up in my backyard for the summer months. I usually take a pillow and a book as my accessories. It's great for napping too!"

Marc Young, Floral Park



My hammock is my sling of paradise. I have loved lounging in a hammock since my parents bought one when I was a teenager. It was heavy-duty striped fabric of various colors but predominantly red. It hung on a green metal frame in the yard and I remember lounging out there every summer evening reading a favorite James Bond book.

When we purchased my home 38 years ago in a cold November, I knew it was the perfect one because the yard was full of magnificent trees, especially the two in perfect proximity to each other to hang a hammock. The first spring item I purchased from the LL Bean catalog that year was a heavy-duty macramé hammock. I'm on my second one now and have been lounging ever since. On a cold winter's day, I long for the summer to lay in my beloved hammock.

I have passed the hammock gene on to my children, who have equal love for both my and their own hammock. My son purchased two very colorful hammocks in Thailand, which he promptly installed on his Boston apartment's deck, which afforded him refuge at the end of a long workday. Both of my sons head right to my hammock when they visit, and my younger son loves to snuggle with his wife on my hammock.

The only accessories I need are a couple of pillows, a bottle of water, the phone, my iPad, a great book and a small table next to me.

I sit looking up at the magnificent view of nature and count my trees and my blessings. My hammock is my refuge. I lay in it wearing my Life Is Good T-shirt depicting 'me' in a hammock. I love my hammock."

Anita Leibowitz, Commack



Having very little money and raising three sons on my own, I struggled to support these teenagers. Being considerate and good sons, they all held part-time jobs, helped with chores and managed good school grades. Working full time, but with a low salary, I was hired by a caterer on weekends. We all worked hard but were a happy family.

One day I was shopping in Hicks Nursery in Westbury for some vegetable and tomato plants. I spotted this magnificent white crocheted hammock hanging from the ceiling. Love at first sight!! I've always loved hammocks and viewed swinging on one as a sweet luxury. This one cost $100 -- way too much for my budget and money that could be spent on groceries. Weeks later on an elaborate 10-hour catering job, I received a $100 tip. Remembering the hammock and feeling secretly deserving, I went and bought it. Love, love this hammock -- used it all summer, loving every minute I could steal to slip into its cozy nest.

Winter came and I couldn't bear to pack it away, so I hung it in my living room. After work I would come home, make dinner, clean up, take a good book and climb into my hammock.

Some years later, I moved to Huntington, to a little cottage near the water, another dream I had that came true. So right now, my hammock is resting quietly in the attic awaiting the hooks that I will soon put in the ceiling of my living room. And when I do, I will swing gently, remembering the lovely gift I treated myself to, a reminder that we all deserve something beautiful.

Terry Tomasino, Huntington



When I bought my house in Massapequa Park in 1980, I was thrilled to find two trees in the yard perfectly spaced to hang a hammock! I purchased a Pawleys Island white cotton rope hammock big enough for two and enjoyed several years of bliss under the trees. As a teacher, I enjoyed most of my summer vacations reading in that hammock. Sadly, one of the "hammock" trees fell during Hurricane Gloria in 1985. I erected a post in place of the lost tree and had several more good years under the remaining tree. My daughter, Abigail, was born in 1985, and she grew up enjoying the soothing comfort of rocking in a hammock. In 1988, I erected a deck, and the post was eliminated, forcing me to finally succumb to a hammock stand. My son, Jordan, was born in 1989, and he, too, loved the swaying motion of the hammock. Alas, after almost 30 years, the hammock bit the dust, and this week I received its replacement, just in time for National Hammock Day!

Ellen Teitelbaum, Massapequa Park



My grandchildren Kyra, 7, and Jaden, 3, play baby bird in our beautiful LL Bean hammock, the hammock being the nest. Whichever grown-up they can talk into playing with them is the Mama bird. They leave the nest and have adventures, finding worms, avoiding kitty cats and learning to hone their flying skills, but they always come home to their nest. We love our hammock, so many cherished memories.

Recently one evening someone hopped our picket fence and cut our hammock. Teenage prank? Angry neighbor? It's starting to unravel. Eventually we'll have to replace it . . . it better be soon before our baby birds are ready to permanently leave the nest.

Helen Moisan Scott, Huntington



I gifted my parents with the souvenir hammock I bought in Ecuador this January. They hang it in the backyard as a pristine, relaxing getaway from our daily bustling lives. This Father's Day dad got another one!

Happy Almost Hammock Day!

Cathryn Menarchem, Shoreham



This is my favorite spot for my hammock -- it is at the end of the dock at the Davis Park Marina on Fire Island. My friend discovered this hammock while cleaning out her basement. We share it with all our boating friends on the dock. The only accessories needed are a good book and a nice cool drink. It's a very relaxing summertime spot, but you have to be able to balance yourself, as you can fall in the water on the other side.

Alexandria Fairchild, Patchogue



I have had my hammock for about one week. Although it is fairly new, I plan to have lots of fun in it. I like to relax in it on sunny afternoons in my backyard. My brother has had a hammock for a while, and I decided it would be cool to get one. Although my hammock is a one-person, it can hold 400 pounds, so I could have plenty of my friends in it. The thing I love about this hammock is that it is very wide, so I can pull the sides around me like a blanket. Also, I like to go in at nighttime and bring a lantern. Then, I can watch fireflies or look up at the stars! I'm sure that I'll have lots of fun in this hammock over the summer!

Ty Ellenbogen, Greenlawn



This is the greatest hammock I have ever been in. It is on a lake in Ellsworth, Maine. Took a killer nap in this hammock one afternoon. Going back to this cabin again this summer and I can't wait!!!

Tom Elkins, Centerport

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