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Love Story: Donna and Anthony Porcelli, Wantagh

Anthony and Donna Porcelli as seen in a

Anthony and Donna Porcelli as seen in a recent photo. Credit: Handout

Donna and Anthony Porcelli of Wantagh feel fate came into play when they met. Donna recalls their courtship.


My friends and I planned a week's vacation at Club Med Cancun in April 1985. We were all nurses at Nassau Hospital -- now Winthrop-University Hospital -- in Mineola. At the last minute our schedule was changed, resulting in a return home on Sunday instead of Saturday.

On our last night at the resort, I was on the buffet line when someone stuck a dish in front of mine and tried to take my serving of shrimp. I turned around to see who this obnoxious person was only to find a tall, handsome man with the biggest brown eyes that just totally engulfed me. It was love at first sight and we started talking.

His name was Anthony and we made plans to meet at the nightclub. I was disappointed when I got there and saw him dancing with another woman, but we eventually got together and spent the evening talking. Anthony, 23, was from Yonkers and had arrived that day for a week's vacation. I was 24 and lived in Floral Park with my parents.

We met the next morning before I left for the airport. I told him I wanted to buy a T-shirt but the gift shop was closed. Anthony said he would buy it for me and promised to call when he got home.

What seemed to me to be a very long week and a half later, he called and said he wanted to get together to give me the T-shirt. We made plans to meet a few days later, after my shift in the emergency room ended at 11 p.m.

When I saw him, that love-at-first-sight feeling came over me again. I knew he was the one for me. We began dating, which meant traveling back and forth over the Throgs Neck Bridge and dealing with my work schedule.

He was always teasing me, saying he was never going to get married, but a year later we got engaged, and on June 7, 1987, we were married. Our lives together have been wonderful and blessed with so much happiness. We have had our good times and the typical bumps in the road, but our love and commitment to each other are strong and deep.

Anthony has been the best father to our two children, and I couldn't have asked for a better husband and partner. Call it fate, call it destiny, but if my vacation schedule to Cancun hadn't been changed, I never would have met my best friend and soul mate. I can't imagine what life would be without him.

I still work at Winthrop, and Anthony is an administrator for the New York City Housing Authority.

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