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Love story: Ira and Sandy Cavrell, East Meadow

Ira and Sandy Cavrell of East Meadow, married for 60 years, worked well together from the moment they met. Sandy explains.

After graduating from nursing school at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, I went to a friend's wedding back home in Connecticut in 1946. This wedding, and this night, would change my life.

There I spied the handsome and dashing photographer hired to take photos of the wedding.

When I saw that he was having trouble getting the bride's train on her gown to fan out for a photo, I jumped up to help him.

He and I talked afterward and took a walk outside. His name was Ira. He was 28 and lived in Hartford, I was 23 and lived in Enfield, Conn. For the rest of the evening, I was Ira's photo assistant.

We started dating a week later. Ira didn't have a car and made the 15-mile trip to my house by train.

On our second date he wanted to fly to New York City. My mother was so afraid of planes that I didn't tell her where we were going.

We flew to New York, then decided to take a train back home, not realizing the daylight saving time changeover was that night. The train back took longer than expected, and with the time change, I didn't get home until 3 or 4 a.m.! My mother was up all night worrying.

Ira was invited over for dinner not long after that date, and during the meal he gave me a tiny kiss on the cheek. My father saw this and for the first time introduced Ira to the fine sounds of Italian profanity. He and my mother were Sicilian immigrants.

Even after all of this, my father agreed to let me marry Ira. We married in 1949 in Enfield on New Year's Eve. Right before the wedding the church burned down, so the ceremony was held in the church basement. Ira and I moved to Queens, then lived in

New Hyde Park, Kings Point and now East Meadow.

We have seven children, all college graduates, and 15 grandchildren. Ira had a film business with his brothers called Charter

Oak and then worked at a variety of entrepreneurial ventures. I worked as a nurse at the

Merchant Marine Academy for 16 years and retired in 1988. I continued working as a nurse at various places on Long Island until

I was 83 years old in 2007.

Our children threw a surprise party for our 60th anniversary at the Apollo Diner in East Meadow, our home away from home.

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