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Love Story: Justine and Rashad Street, Elmont

Rashad and Justine Street on their wedding day

Rashad and Justine Street on their wedding day in June 2013. Credit: Lighthouse Photography Dream Weddings

Newlyweds Justine and Rashad Street, of Elmont, rehearsed walking down the aisle together long before they actually met. Justine explains.


Rashad and I were introduced by a mutual friend in September 2004. He was 20 and I was 19. We were both attending Nassau Community College. He asked me out right away, and we continued dating.

About a month later, he came to visit me at my house in Elmont. He lived in Queens Village, just across the Nassau/Queens border. He told me then that he had gone to St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School, which was right around the corner.

I didn't go to that school but went to religious classes there once a week and made my first Communion at the church. When he told me he made his Communion in May 1992, everything just came together at that one moment: We made our Communion on the same day. This was the second thing we had in common, since we already knew we shared the same birthday.

I got my old Communion photos out, and we looked through them but couldn't find a picture of Rashad. Then I found the video my parents had taken of me during the ceremony.

Rashad and I sat there in awe for at least 20 minutes as we watched the video. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. There we were, walking down the aisle together. We had been paired as Communion partners, and we both looked so young and innocent. Our hands were in a praying position as we walked up to the altar.

He looked so cute in his little white suit next to me in my white dress and veil. We only had those few minutes together that day before going our separate ways. I was like, wow, this is fate. We somehow found each other again, and now we were dating. Our parents were amazed, and everyone I tell our story to doesn't believe it until they see the video.

On June 14 we took a second walk down the aisle, this time to become husband and wife. The wedding and reception were at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, where we played the Communion video for our family and friends.

Every time I see it, it reminds me of the past and how you should always hold on to the memories. Luckily, my memories include my husband, whom I love very much. Maybe one day I can show our children the video and tell them the story of how mom and dad first met on May 8, 1992.

Rashad is a courier for Federal Express in Garden City. I work in quality assurance in the IT department at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park.

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