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Love Story: Kerry and Ed Ferrier, Sayville

Kerry and Ed Ferrier of Sayville in a

Kerry and Ed Ferrier of Sayville in a recent photo. The couple celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary last week. Credit: Ferrier family - Ed Ferrier of Sayville recalls how he met his wife, Kerry.

In January 1981, I drove home to Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, after a day of skiing upstate and then went to a neighborhood party with a friend. I was 21. The party was a bummer and I used the excuse of being tired from my long day of skiing to gracefully exit. In truth, I was tired, but my friend had a Plan B in mind. He wanted to go to a bar on Flatbush Avenue in Marine Park called Nana Daly's. I wanted no part of it, but he persuaded me to go.

When we got to the bar, the bouncer wouldn't admit me because I was wearing sneakers. Many of the local bars had dress codes, but only for guys. I said, "Oh well, I have to go home," but my friend, with some fabricated story, persuaded the bouncer to let me inside. I just wanted to go home, really.

Then three girls walked in, all wearing sneakers! One of them was Kerry. She was there with her sister and a friend. She had on dungarees, white Nike running sneakers and a black polyester bubble-type coat with dark maroon cuffs rolled up at the wrists. Her hair was blonde, short and spiked. I was immediately attracted to her. I wanted to strike up a conversation, but she was always talking to someone else. Kerry is very gregarious and enjoys being with people.

I managed to get introduced to the three of them. However, Kerry wasn't interested in my banter and idle conversation. I was frustrated and desperate when my opportunity presented itself. Kerry went to the bathroom, alone. I followed and waited outside. When she came out, I swooped down on her and threw on some charm. We chatted, uninterrupted, the rest of the night. I forgot I was tired. Kerry was 22 and lived in Marine Park.

Before we left, she gave me her telephone number on a piece of bar coaster. I called her the next day and we went to dinner at Cookie's Steakhouse in Kings Plaza. She was wearing white overalls and those same Nike sneakers.

We were married on April 26, 1986. In 1994, we moved from Brooklyn to Sayville. Kerry is a registered nurse in Smithtown. I'm a chief officer with the New York City Fire Department. Twenty-nine years of marriage, two great kids and we're still going strong.

Coincidentally, Kerry didn't plan on going to Nana Daly's that night, either. She and her sister were on a mission to find their friend's brother and escort him home. You never know when fate will intervene. Happy 29th anniversary, Kerry!

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