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Love Story: Linda and Frank Daniels

Frank and Linda Daniels as seen in a

Frank and Linda Daniels as seen in a recent photo. Credit: Handout

Linda Daniels of Woodmere recalls the first conversation she had with her future husband, Frank.


Growing up in Far Rockaway, I lived on the same block as Frank's cousins. My mother and his aunt were best friends. He was eight years older than me, so I didn't pay much attention to him when he was around.

I was 9 years old in 1974 when my family moved to Hewlett, not far from where Frank lived in Cedarhurst. It wasn't until I was a high school freshman that I started noticing him riding his motorcycle around town. I developed a big crush on him.

In 1982 my best friend asked me to be her maid of honor. I was 17 at the time and said yes. Then she told me she had a surprise, and announced that Frank would be the best man. She knew how I felt about him, and I was so excited.

On the day of the wedding, Frank and I rode alone in the limo to the church. I had practiced what I would say to him, but I was too shy and said nothing. Neither of us spoke a word.

As we pulled up to the church, Frank turned to me and said, "We should be walking down the aisle." In my mind I was saying "Yes! Yes! Yes!" but no words came out. We didn't say anything else to each other during the wedding. In fact, I didn't see him again until three years later.

One night I was with my sister at a local bar, and I noticed Frank at a table talking to someone. Again, I was too shy to speak to him. They saw me and called me over. I sat down, and for the first time since we'd known each other, Frank and I actually had a conversation. We talked for hours, and before I left he told me he loved me.

The next morning I told my mother what had happened. She knew how I felt about Frank and was so excited for me. I was, however, concerned that he never asked for my phone number. The following night I went back to the bar with a friend, hoping to see Frank again. He was there talking to my brother, telling him that he loved me and was going to marry me. My brother was speechless.

We were married on Sept. 28, 1985. We have three beautiful children who mean the world to us. We have shared the best of our lives and we also survived the hardest times of our lives, but through it all we were always together.

Last year we celebrated 27 years of marriage with a weekend trip to the Jersey shore. Frank runs his own landscaping business in Cedarhurst, and I am a homemaker. After all these years we are still in love and look forward to growing old together.

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