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Love Story: Rhonda and Barney Glickman

Barney and Rhonda Glickman as seen in a

Barney and Rhonda Glickman as seen in a recent photo. Credit: Handout

Rhonda and Barney Glickman of Lynbrook met at summer camp. Rhonda recalls how their friendship blossomed into romance.


In 1968, my cousin Alan and his wife, Marilyn, were going back to work at Camp Sussex, a sleepaway camp in New Jersey for underprivileged children from New York City. They were in their early 20s and asked me if I would be interested in being a volunteer counselor.

Since I had been to sleepaway camp throughout childhood, I was thrilled at the idea, but I was 15, too young to be a counselor. They both assured me it wouldn't be a problem.

I got the job and met the other counselors, including a guy named Barney, at the orientation. He had worked at the camp before and knew my cousin and his wife.

A couple of days later, we were at a basketball game. As Barney was getting ready to play, he handed me his jacket to hold, and that was it! I was truly in love from that moment. I still have that same feeling when he walks into a room.

Not long after, I found out that Barney was 21. Although he was shocked when I told him I was only 15, we still developed a friendship over the summer.

Barney kept in touch with me by phone after we went back home. I lived in Far Rockaway, Queens, and he lived in Flatbush, Brooklyn. He even sent me a birthday present when I turned 16 that November. Every few months we would get together at Nathan's in Oceanside with a group of friends from camp.

Although my parents liked Barney, our age difference concerned them. I told them we were just friends. My mother knew better; she felt that this would be a lasting relationship.

The following summer we both worked again at the camp. In 1970, right after I graduated from Far Rockaway High School, Barney asked me to go to his brother's wedding. We have been together every day since.

We were engaged that December and were married on March 25, 1972. It's been 40 wonderful years that have flown by. He is my best friend, a wonderful husband, father, father-in-law and grandfather.

We have two beautiful daughters, two wonderful sons-in-law and four grandsons. They have been truly the most wonderful part of this journey. They live nearby and we are fortunate to see each other often.

I am vice president of sales for Richner Communications, publisher of Herald Community Newspapers, in Garden City, and my husband is retired from UPS.

I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband and family and feel thankful every day.