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Love Story: Scott and Meg Urban of Massapequa

Meg Urban of Massapequa recalls her special Valentine's Day date with her future husband, Scott.

My husband, Scott, and I met in the Alfred G. Berner High School cafeteria 30 years ago this Valentine's Day. I was 15 and he was 16.

Scott was seated at the other end of the cafeteria table from me and out of nowhere shouted to me, "Hey you. Wanna go to a party with me tonight?" When I explained to him that I didn't even know him or his name, he said, "My name is Scott Urban. Now you know my name. C'mon, go to the party and you'll get to know me."

Being very shy, I was somehow intrigued by his extroverted personality and the confidence he exuded. I was also immediately attracted to his good looks.

I had made plans with my girlfriends earlier that day to go ice skating. So I agreed to go to the party but only after I went skating with my friends.

Scott met me at the Marjorie Post Park rink, and we walked through the park and over to the party on East Lake Drive. We talked about music and movies. I remember thinking how romantic this was and that it felt so cool to have a real date on Valentine's Day.

The party was boring and I didn't care for the music, but Scott was interesting and he made me laugh. A good-night kiss sealed the deal for the next date. I was elated to have met such a great guy. I went to sleep that night knowing Cupid had certainly struck.

Scott and I dated casually through high school and went to our proms together. When he decided to go away to SUNY Cortland, I was devastated. We remained good friends and kept in touch through letters and phone calls. There were no text messages or e-mails back then. We'd go out on dates during his breaks from school. I dated other guys, but I knew in my heart that someday I'd marry Scott. I couldn't imagine a life without him in it. I remember my mom telling me that was a sign of true love. I think I knew all of this before Scott did.

My perseverance and patience eventually paid off. During Scott's junior year at college, he came home for spring break and said he was in love with me and wanted us to date exclusively. I was ecstatic. We were married April 9, 1988, and have three children.

Scott is a hydrogeologist for Nassau County. I teach at the Sylvan Learning Center in Levittown.

From the second-floor windows of our Massapequa home we can see our former high school, now the middle school. We attend functions there with our children and love that the cafeteria still looks the same.

Scott continues to charm and entertain me. We celebrate every Feb. 14 in a special way and relive our sweetest memory every year.

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