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Mattituck girls win lacrosse title, then primp for prom

From left, Mattituck High School lacrosse players Jane

From left, Mattituck High School lacrosse players Jane DiGregorio, Ashley Burns, Alex Beebe and Chelsea Marlborough celebrate at junior prom following their county championship victory. Credit: Rachel Weiss

The girls of the Mattituck-Southold lacrosse team took home the Suffolk County Class D title Friday afternoon with a 15-2 win over Babylon.

The game ended around 3:30 p.m. By 5 p.m., four of the team’s co-captains were sitting in respective hair salons, getting primped and polished up for the Mattituck Jr. Sr. High School junior prom that evening.

“It was so hectic,” said team member Jane DiGregorio. “I think I almost fell asleep getting my hair done.”

DiGregorio, 16, with co-captains Alex Beebe, 16, Ashley Burns, 16, and Chelsea Marlborough, 17, basked in their victory at the junior prom, held at Hyatt Place Long Island in Riverhead. They've been playing lacrosse together for 12 years.

“It has to be the defining moment of our lacrosse careers,” said Marlborough. “All of us have been together since kindergarten on the team, and Jane and I used to talk about going and playing in college together. Now, we’re winning these titles.”

The team had rigorous practice for weeks leading up to the championship game, but according to Burns, prom was always in the back of their minds.

“Our coach would always say to us, ‘Don’t think about prom! I know that’s a big deal but you want to win the county championship and make history,’” Burns said.

They made history, then got made up. Beebe said her head was pushed back and forth as two stylists worked on her hair and makeup simultaneously. 

As Marlborough put on her gown, she discovered a sunburn on her back from being in the field all day.  

“It was definitely worth it,” DiGregorio said of the hectic day, as her friends giggled and nodded in agreement.

Burns said the team considered showing off their plaque at prom, but didn’t want to risk it getting lost or tarnished.

Even without the trophy in tow, the good news traveled quickly, and students and staff congratulated the captains throughout the night. The four friends danced together and took several snapshots in the photo booth.

As for what’s next, the girls agreed that they have high expectations for the team, but will tackle them all together.

"I can’t think of anything that I haven’t done with these girls," Marlborough said. "They’re definitely my best friends."

DiGregorio added, "I wouldn't trade it for anything."

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