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Nancy Boland pleads guilty to manslaughter in ex-husband's death

Nancy Boland, 56, was arrested and charged with

Nancy Boland, 56, was arrested and charged with first-degree manslaughter and evidence tampering. (Nov. 19, 2011) Credit: New York State Police

A North Bellmore woman on trial for stabbing her ex-husband to death during an argument pleaded guilty Tuesday to manslaughter, prosecutors said.

Nancy Boland, 57, admitted to the crime in exchange for Nassau County Judge Tammy Robbins' promise to sentence her to 7 years in prison, prosecutors said.

Boland, who also has been charged with assault in Suffolk County after police said she beat up her 83-year-old mother in the mother's Oakdale home, is being held at Suffolk County jail until her scheduled March 13 sentencing. The Suffolk charges are pending.

"I think it was good that the judge realized that . . . Nancy was a victim rather than an aggressor and that she [the judge] believed seven years was fair to both sides," said Boland's lawyer, David Besso, of Bay Shore.

According to a statement Boland gave State Police, she and her ex-husband, Walter Boland, who were divorced but still living together, were moving furniture on Nov. 16, 2011, when a glass door smashed, angering Walter, who had been drinking.

Nancy Boland told police her ex began to threaten her with a screwdriver.

"I was struggling with him, I grabbed it from his right hand and I pushed it into his stomach," Boland's statement said. The following morning, she went to work. When she returned, she said, "He felt cold, and I knew he wasn't good."

Boland said she dragged her ex-husband's body to their car, drove to the bike path beside the Wantagh State Parkway and left him there.

"He was rigid," she said. "It was already too late."

Asked about his whereabouts, Boland told family, friends and co-workers that he had stormed off after an argument and hadn't returned. When his body was discovered a few days later, Boland told them that she was worried it might be her ex-husband. Police announced the next day that she had been arrested.

"Nancy Boland's conduct after the killing of her ex-husband proves that this was no accident and not self-defense," said Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice. "She attempted to cover her tracks by lying to family and friends about her ex-husband's whereabouts, and then dumped him on the side of the road like a piece of trash."

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