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Nassau Coliseum quiz: How well do you know your Long Island history?

The ice at Nassau Coliseum before action between

The ice at Nassau Coliseum before action between the New York Islanders and the Los Angeles Kings on Thursday, March 26, 2015. Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

With the Nassau Coliseum closing the doors this summer for a planned renovation and the New York Islanders heading to Brooklyn after this season, it's time to look back at the 43-year-history of Long Island's only major arena.

From political rallies, to sports and concerts, the Coliseum has seen some of the biggest names come through Nassau County.

See what you really know about the Coliseum and share your results below.


What was the first event ever held at Nassau Coliseum in 1972?


A Billy Joel banner hangs in the rafters of the Coliseum. How many times did he play a concert there?


Which family event has the record for most performances at the Coliseum?


Which musician or band played the most concerts at the Coliseum from 1972 to 2015?


Which NHL team did the Islanders beat to win their first-ever playoff series on home ice?


Which sports star helped launch the Major Indoor Soccer League at Nassau Coliseum in 1978?


The Islanders played in 5 Stanley Cup Finals, winning the Cup 4 times. How many times was the Cup-winning game held at the Coliseum?


Which legendary band practiced for a month at the Coliseum, but never played a concert there?


What NHL team was the Islanders' first regular-season home game against in 1972?


Which event drew the largest attendance for all events ever held in Nassau Coliseum history?