A Baldwin man was sentenced Tuesday to 15 years in prison for using the grocery store he owned in Kew Gardens, Queens, as the base for his narcotics business, prosecutors said.

Jaime Corchado, 37, who was convicted last month on several counts of selling a controlled substance and weapons possession, was sentenced by Justice Robert Kohm in state Supreme Court in Queens, prosecutors said.

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Corchado had owned Louis's Deli & Grocery at 85-56 118 St. in Kew Gardens, a grocery store in the middle of a short strip mall, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said in a news release.

During the trial, evidence showed Corchado met with a buyer on Dec. 17, 2010, to sell him an "eight ball," slang for a quantity of cocaine, Brown said. When police stopped the buyer shortly after the meeting in a parked car, they found a plastic bag of cocaine in his pants pocket, Brown said.

Investigators overheard Corchado having hundreds of narcotics-related calls on his cellphone between November 2010 and August 2011, Brown said, and finally searched the store on Aug. 17, 2011, after getting a warrant, Brown said.

Police found two plastic bags of cocaine, two bags of marijuana and a scale, Brown said. Later that night, police used a search warrant at Corchado's home on Grand Avenue and found a pistol, a Winchester shotgun with a scope, magazines and about 100 rounds of ammunition in various calibers, the prosecutor said.

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"The defendant has been found guilty of using his mom-and-pop Queens grocery store as a front to traffic in narcotics," Brown said in the release. "The lengthy sentence imposed today by the court is more than warranted."