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Baxter Estates gets ready for another write-in election

Mayor? Anyone?

Nobody is on the ballot for mayor of Baxter Estates, but that doesn't mean the village won't have one.

Mayor Fred Nicholson did not file a petition to be on the ballot, leaving that race to a write-in election. Nora Haagenson, a trustee running unopposed for re-election, says she is also campaigning to be written in as the mayor. Three posts on the five-member board are open in the village for the election Wednesday: two trustees and the mayor's spot. Both positions are two-year terms.

If Haagenson wins both positions, she must decline the trustee victory to become the mayor, officials said.

Welcome to Baxter Estates, a North Shore village of 1,000 residents with a long history of write-in campaigns.

After Nicholson did not file -- for a third consecutive election -- he said in an interview last month that he was thinking of "bailing out." In his previous campaigns, he won as a write-in.

Haagenson, 71, has served on the board for four years and is unopposed for re-election as a trustee. She is running on the Sunshine Party, along with incumbent Charles Comer, 72, a managing member of Family Office Advisors LLC in Manhattan.

Haagenson, a retired English teacher from North Shore High School, said "the village fortunately has been run very well. My goal is to continue to have it run as smoothly to service our residents."

Haagenson said the biggest issue is how the village budgets for snow removal. She did not mention any ongoing village projects as concerns. Comer, also unopposed, said he wanted to work to resolve "pending issues," such as repairs to streets and other maintenance projects.

Nicholson said last month he was surprised to learn that Haagenson and Comer were not including him in petitioning for signatures to be on the Wednesday ballot. For their part, the two trustees said they believed he was not running for re-election.

Nicholson did not respond to messages requesting comment this week on whether he is or isn't. "It's a weird situation," Comer said.

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