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Students break Guinness World Record, donate to Puerto Rico

Students at H. Frank Carey High School in

Students at H. Frank Carey High School in Franklin Square broke a Guinness World Record for successfully knocking down 2,866 boxes of cereal on Monday, Nov. 27, 2017. The old record was 2,686. All the cereal boxes used for this record-setting event will be shipped to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico and Florida. Credit: Newsday / Yeong-Ung Yang

Two seniors at a Franklin Square high school will be able to make an addition to their college applications: setting a new Guinness World Record.

Gabriella Fiuramo, student government president at H. Frank Carey High School, and Frank Porcasi, captain of the school’s football and basketball teams, helped to organize a successful cereal box domino chain longer than the previous world record of 2,686 boxes.

After knocking down their chain of 2,866 boxes, the students are donating the cereal to residents of Puerto Rico affected by recent hurricanes. The boxes will be sent to people in both Puerto Rico and Naples, Florida.

With the help of many fellow students, Porcasi and Fiuramo set up their boxes of Toasted Oats and Corn Flakes around Carey’s gym on Sunday.

On Monday morning, the boxes were sent toppling with a push from Porcasi.

Students and community members who gathered to watch in the bleachers cheered as the boxes fell and when the whole chain had collapsed.

“Everyone was just so positive,” said Principal Christopher Fiore.

After the excitement was over, dozens of students stayed in the gym to prepare the cereal boxes for shipping. Porcasi raised $3,500 to help with shipping costs and anything extra will be donated to hurricane relief.

The idea to break the record came to Porcasi when he did an experiment in physics that involved textbooks falling like dominoes.

He then approached Fiore with the idea of fundraising and sending the cereal boxes to areas affected by recent hurricanes, and he brought Fiuramo on board to help

“This was Frank and Gabby, 99.9 percent,” Fiore said.

The pair contacted people in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico to find out where to send the boxes, and they got Associated Foods, a company that owns supermarkets in the New York Metro and surrounding areas, to donate 2,880 boxes.

“If you have one person hear you out and one person with an idea, amazing things can happen,” Fiuramo said.

During trial runs on Sunday, some boxes became dented or lopsided so they couldn’t be used on Monday. Two “independent counters” who aren’t associated with the school declared official counts of 2,866 fallen boxes.

The world record will be awarded to the high school.

“We’re leaving school with a bang,” Fiuramo said.

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