City Council Speaker and Glen Cove native Christine Quinn is set to take the plunge with her longtime partner this weekend, and same-sex marriage advocates say the high-profile wedding will be a huge win for gay rights.

Despite the importance of her big day, the speaker has downplayed the Saturday event throughout the week, saying she's been too busy with city business ahead of her nuptials with attorney Kim Catullo.

"Yes, extremely nervous," the potential mayoral candidate said tongue-in-check when asked about her big day Thursday. "I'm nervous that I'm going to trip on my heels. I'm nervous that the vows are going to stink."

The speaker's office has kept mum on the exact details of Saturday's celebration. More than 300 guests are expected at the Highline Stages event space on West 15th Street, including Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and a dozen City Council members.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Sunnyside), one of the attendees, said City Hall has been buzzing about the wedding.

The councilman, who will wed his partner Dan Hendrick in July, acknowledged that Quinn's wedding marks a historic moment in city politics.

"Christine Quinn can be mayor as a proud and out lesbian married to Kim Catullo," Van Bramer said. "That is something that many of us would want to see in our lifetimes."

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Quinn said she was touched that so many constituents supported her planned union. The couple, both 45, got engaged in July, after Cuomo signed the gay-marriage bill into law in New York.

"The thing I've noticed since marriage passed," Quinn said, is "people in the senior centers have been saying congratulations."

"And then I walk out and I'll say, 'Why are they congratulating me?' and they'll say, 'Because you're engaged!' " Quinn added. "It's been a nice thing."