A toddler is recovering from a near-drowning that occurred on Memorial Day at a private pool in Long Beach, local police and lifeguards said Tuesday.

Long Beach Police Department spokesman Bruce Meyer said the rescue occurred at 360 Shore Rd., a private condominium complex.

Tom Daly, beach supervisor for Long Beach lifeguards and an EMT driver, arrived at the scene Monday after the boy was taken out of the pool. He said someone had spotted the boy face down in the pool, which is located directly across from the beach lifeguards' post.

There were no lifeguards on duty at the private pool. There is a sign, however, posted in the pool complex, warning residents that they swim at their own risk. Daly said beach lifeguards realized there was a problem when residents in the complex began to yell across the boardwalk to them for help.

"They yelled for lifeguards at the time there was a nurse on the scene," said Daly. "She was working on the child."

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Daly and EMT Chas Thompson rushed to the scene to find the child on his side, throwing up water. Daly said the boy then began to cry, which he said was a good sign.

It's not clear how long the boy was under water, and officials said they did not know his exact age.

"It was a good ending," said Thompson. "Something like that is pretty scary."

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On Monday, the boy was reported to be alert and conscious. He was taken by the Long Beach Fire Department to South Nassau Communities Hospital, a trauma hospital. By Monday afternoon, hospital officials said the boy was transferred to an undisclosed hospital. No further information was provided.