A black couple is suing Macy's for $2 million for alleged racial profiling at its department store in the Roosevelt Field mall.

Richard Campbell and Samantha Bynoe, of Brooklyn, say they were leaving the store after buying items with a gift card when they were stopped outside by two males, who turned out to be Macy's employees.

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Court documents say the two claim they were "wrongfully" detained while their belongings were searched before they were allowed to leave.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Macy's said it couldn't comment on the lawsuit, but said it does "not tolerate discrimination of any kind" within its organization.

Macy's Manhattan store was hit with an actor's claim that he was stopped because of his race while shopping. Rob Brown, a black actor who works on the HBO series "Treme," has said he was detained nearly an hour by police on June 8 after employees contacted authorities about possible credit card fraud. The actor has filed a lawsuit. In a statement, Macy's said there was no record of any employee contacting authorities about Brown's purchase. The store said police officers requested use of a room in the building and that request was granted.