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Dueling websites in Suozzi-Mangano contest

Nassau County executive candidates Thomas Suozzi and Republican Edward Mangano have unveiled dueling websites attacking each other's financial management record.

Neither website mentions Adam Haber, a retired East Hills businessman who is running against Suozzi in the Democratic primary.

Suozzi, who served as county executive for eight years before losing to Mangano in 2009, launched the site at a news conference Tuesday.

The site claims Mangano, a Republican, has "taken Nassau County into deeper debt than any [Nassau] county executive in history," and contends the county currently has some $3.5 billion in debt.

"This borrowing is completely irresponsible," said Suozzi, who said he left the county with $2.9 billion in debt.

Mangano's aides disputed Suozzi's figures, saying they included duplicate superstorm Sandy borrowing costs of $185 million that will eventually be reimbursed by federal dollars. Tim Sullivan, Mangano's deputy county executive of finance, said the county's current debt is $3.03 billion.

Mangano spokesman Brian Nevin said their campaign has launched in response to Suozzi's claims on the campaign trail. The website, launched last month, outlines the two tax increases passed under Suozzi's administration.

The website also links to, a website produced by Haber's campaign in May that criticizes Suozzi's law firm for representing local catering companies being sued by employees for allegedly withholding tips. Suozzi has said the companies all paid their employees above minimum wage.

Haber spokesman Galen Alexander said there was "no coordination" between Haber's campaign and Mangano's campaign in linking the websites. Nevin said the campaign opted to refer its viewers to the Haber-run site because "it seemed worthy to link."

Alexander said while Suozzi and Mangano's websites make no mention of Haber the "websites are more evidence of [Suozzi and Mangano's] similarity."

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