She may only be president of the Syosset High School Senate now, but educators there said they wouldn't be surprised to see Allison "Allie" Cohen become a prominent leader on the national stage someday.

She's already interned with New York State's senior U.S. senator, Democrat Charles Schumer, and she has held elective office all four years she has been in high school.

"She is the ultimate leader and one of the most genuine and compassionate students," guidance counselor Beth Waschitz said. "She is always looking for ways to make the school a better place."

Cohen, 18, of Woodbury, said she is the type of student who loves being busy. She's a member of Peers as Leaders, Model Congress, the SADD Improvisational Club, the Association of Creative Thespians, Chamber singers, and she plays varsity volleyball.

Outside of school she volunteers at El Centro Comunitario de Educación, a program in a Deer Park church where she creates and presents lessons to help teach English to immigrants.

"I am definitely interested in being a part of helping people," Cohen said.

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For example, she helped develop Syosset's first anti-bullying campaign to raise awareness and prevent bullying. She said her education in the Syosset district, where she has attended school since kindergarten, has helped prepare her for the future.

"I have developed passions here that I know I will continue," she said.

HER PLANS:Attending the University of Pennsylvania to major in political science and Spanish.

AT COLLEGE I'M MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO: "I'm definitely looking forward to learning about what I am interested in [political science]." She also is looking forward to "taking advantage of the University of Pennsylvania's Spanish Department."

HIGH SCHOOL HIGH POINT: "There is no one moment . . . I feel blessed to be a part of so many different things."