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FedEx probe after video of traffic violations in Long Beach

A Long Beach man said Friday he was angry that he was cut off by a FedEx truck that ran a stop sign — so he videotaped that truck and then another FedEx truck that failed to obey stop signs in the City of Long Beach.

“On Monday, this guy just cut me off, blew the stop sign,” David Cortes, 42, said.

“I beeped at him and waved, but he didn’t even acknowledge me,” said Cortes, a self-employed photographer.

Cortes said he followed the truck in an attempt to get a phone number off the rear so he could call FedEx to complain, but the driver didn’t halt at the next stop either.

“He blew six, seven stops signs, but I only got two on video,” Cortes said. He said he had his camera ready the next day and photographed another FedEx truck running a stop sign, but he did not know if it was the same driver.

FedEx said it would investigate.

“We expect our drivers to obey all traffic laws and safely operate our vehicles,” the company said in a statement. “We take this very seriously and will investigate each incident.”

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