Hempstead Town officials on Wednesday unveiled the newly restored, nearly century-old clock tower on top of the Old Town Hall.

The clock was commissioned in 1918 from the E. Howard Clock Company for $75,000 with the manufacturer’s guarantee that it would never be more than a minute off, Supervisor Anthony Santino said during a news conference. It was previously renovated in 1996.

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The latest refurbishment, which cost $160,000, began in September and was completed in February, Santino said. It’s part of a $2 million overhaul of the exterior of Old Town Hall on Washington Street.

“Certainly now we know that Hempstead Town will always be on time,” Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby said at the news conference.

The clock tower now has new dials and hands, an automatic reset for daylight savings, and power outages and LED backlighting in white, blue, red and green. The wood trim, sheet metal and gold dome were also refurbished.

The clock also plays Westminster chimes.