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Hempstead Town buys 2 ‘lightly used’ dump trucks

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Hempstead Town unveiled two recently purchased "like new" brine and salt spreaders and two lightly used dump trucks on Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017. Supervisor Anthony Santino said the purchase of these trucks, which had been used only for demonstration and display purposes, will save taxpayers more than $251,000, and that the town is acquiring more "pre-loved" vehicles that may save taxpayers an additional $900,000. Credit: Howard Schnapp

Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony Santino lauded the purchase of two “lightly used” dump trucks and a pair of salt/brine spreaders on Tuesday that he said would save taxpayers more than $250,000.

The salt and brine spreaders had previously been used for demonstration and display and were purchased for $46,416 each, which Santino said is about half the cost of new equipment. The trucks each have about 10,000 miles of use and were bought for nearly $310,000 together, which he said was about $171,000 less than the cost of new trucks.

“The Town of Hempstead is always out there looking for new and innovative ways to save money,” Santino said.

The town also plans to purchase five additional used salt- and brine-spreading trucks soon. Last year, the town purchased six used Mack trucks for less than $35,000 each.

Santino announced the purchases at a news conference at the Roosevelt Highway Yard with Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, Councilmen Dennis Dunne Sr. and Anthony D’Esposito and Town Clerk Nasrin Ahmad — all of whom are seeking re-election Nov. 7.

It was Santino’s second news conference in as many days. At a Monday news conference, Santino touted the replacement of bulkheading in Point Lookout but did not invite

Councilwoman Erin King Sweeney, who represents the district, to the event following a feud between the two over ethics reform that has heated up in recent days.

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