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How each town controls day laborers


Town ordinance passed in September.

Prohibits: Any behavior or action announcing someone is available for employment, including "waving arms, making hand signals, shouting to someone in a vehicle, jumping up and down" and "waving signs." Does not apply to people selling items, only those seeking employment.

Penalties: Up to $250 fine for people soliciting employment or accepting a solicitation.

Status: Town has not begun enforcement but has been monitoring number of day laborers in Locust Valley and handing out fliers about the law.


Town ordinance passed in July 2008.

Prohibits: Soliciting work or picking up people for work on public roadways.

Penalties: First offense, fine of up to $500. Second, up to $750. Third, up to $1,000.

Status: Law designed to encourage employers and workers to use hiring site on Depot Road. Since passage, one summons has been issued - to an employer looking for workers.GLEN COVE

In 1990, city passes law aimed at outlawing public gatherings by large groups; advocates say it targets immigrants seeking work on street corners.

Latino groups sue; district court judge rules ordinance is constitutional.

Before decision is appealed, city agrees to find alternative gathering site for day laborers.

With city support, a trailer and portable toilet near train station open in 1993 - Long Island's first institutionalized "shape-up" center. Appeal plans dropped.


Community becomes known as epicenter of Long Island immigration debate with complaints about day laborers, near-fatal beating of two Mexican day laborers in 2000 and torching of Mexican family's house in 2003.

Suffolk lawmakers float anti-loitering ordinances twice, most recently in 2007. Both ordinances are defeated.


Ongoing situation centers on public complaints about day laborers congregating around a 7-Eleven parking lot in Southampton Village.

In 2007, village officials attempt to use park across street as a hiring center, sparking ongoing litigation.

In January 2008, residents win preliminary injunction preventing day laborers from using park.

Last month, a state appeals court ruling removes preliminary injunction. Town and village officials say they continue to search for appropriate site for hiring center.

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