Lawyers for former NFL superstar Jim Brown and a Bohemia sports memorabilia business told a federal judge on Tuesday that they haven't been able to settle a dispute over the ex-fullback's 1964 championship ring and a January trial remains possible.

"We have gotten very very close, but we don't have an agreement," William Fried, the lawyer for auctioneer, told U.S. District Judge John Keenan in Manhattan.

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Brown, a Manhasset High School star who played for the Cleveland Browns in the 1960s, claimed in a 2014 lawsuit that Lelands was auctioning off a stolen ring, and its owner defamed him by suggesting that he was suffering memory loss from concussions. Lelands claims it has proper title through an ex-wife of Brown.

Keenan told the lawyers to work with a magistrate, who will try to mediate the lawsuit. Brown's deposition is scheduled for November.