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Long Beach residents: No flooding from nor'easter

Long Beach residents' worst fears early Thursday -- a storm surge at high tide and more flooding -- went unrealized in the aftermath of an overnight nor'easter.

When high tide hit on the ocean side of the city shortly before 2 a.m., water crept to the boardwalk but did not cause street flooding, according to several residents.

There was a fear that high tide -- coupled with a storm surge -- could reach 5 feet or more but that did not happen.

Still, the nor'easter did drop several inches of heavy, wet slushy snow on the city's waterlogged roads. So an area slapped hard last week by superstorm Sandy found itself digging out in a different way Thursday.

City Manager Jack Schnirman advised residents to stay indoors and avoid driving so that road crews could plow and apply salt and sand to the slushy streets. Fewer drivers on the roads allow the crews to perform more effective snow removal, Schnirman said.

Resident Robert Weinstein, 42, was shoveling out his Mercedes-Benz sport utility vehicle from where it was parked in the street outside his high-rise condo on Broadway near Magnolia Boulevard on Thursday.

An attorney, Weinstein has been able to get to his office in Garden City each day since Sandy struck Oct. 29.

"I put another comforter on the bed, but it still was pretty cold," Weinstein said of his overnight sleep between pushes of his shovel. "I was grateful this morning when I woke up and saw that the storm surge from this latest storm doesn't appear to have done much damage. It looks like all we got was heavy, wet snow."

Still without power, Weinstein shops daily for food and necessities at a grocery store on his way home from work. He's been able to cope OK, mostly because he lives alone, he said.

And although he's not thinking about leaving the city, he does find the weather somewhat overwhelming.

"I find it ironic that just yesterday I was using this shovel to remove sand from around my car and this morning I am shoveling snow," he said.

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