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Long Island moms subject of parody videos gone viral


Nicki Diaz, 20, of Malverne, created the character "Donna" in a series of videos she posted to social media called "Long Island moms be like..." which have been seen hundreds of thousands of times since the first video went live on Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017.

She’s fast-talking, hyperbolic and may bear a striking resemblance to your mother, says Nicki Diaz, whose impression of a “Long Island mom” has entertained thousands on social media.

Last week, Diaz, 20, created “Donna,” a “Long Island mother who doesn’t take nothing from nobody,” and posted clips of her impressions to her Snapchat and Facebook accounts, she said.

Donna appears in eight short clips on Snapchat — the popular app that lets users send short videos and photos to followers. The app has different feature-warping tools, called filters. Diaz uses one filter, which swells her mouth and gives her voice a raspy quality, to go into “costume” as Donna.

In one video, Donna complains about being “slighted” after not being invited to “Giovanna’s sister’s best friend’s cousin’s daughter’s” wedding.

“Listen, you spit up in the air, it’s gonna come back down on your face. That’s all I gotta say,” Diaz says in the clip, while smirking at the camera.

In her most popular video, Donna berates her daughter for not spending enough time with her.

“You’re gonna miss your dear old mother when I’m dead,” she says dramatically in the video, which has been viewed more than 300,000 times on Facebook since it was posted Jan. 11.

Diaz, a makeup artist from Malverne, said the character is inspired by the “strong-willed” women in her life, including her mother, Denise, whom she quotes verbatim in her videos.

Denise Diaz, 53, concedes there’s a grain of truth in her daughter’s parodies.

“I’ll say stuff like, ‘You’re gonna miss me when I’m dead,’ or ‘Nothing gets done if it’s not me doing it,” the mother of three said. “Those are things my mother used to say to me.”

Donna’s “relatable” and that’s why she’s popular, both mother and daughter said.

“If you live on Long Island or in the New York area, you know somebody who kinda sounds like this or says these kinds of things,” Nicki Diaz said.

Hundreds of people have commented on the videos, many noting the similarities between Diaz’s Donna and their own family members.

“This is my mother!” one Facebook user wrote of Diaz’s impression.

“My mom is always saying that to me,” another user wrote.

Diaz said she’ll probably retire the character after posting a few more videos to her Facebook and YouTube accounts, but that she’s glad so many people got a kick out of Donna.

“It’s crazy, that so many people have been able to relate,” Diaz said.

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