Manicure, massage and marksmanship.

A proposed combination shooting range and spa on Sunrise Highway in Lynbrook is meeting resistance from residents and village officials who aren’t ready to embrace the concept.

Queens-based ISS Action Inc. has submitted an application for a special use permit to convert the Cutler’s Lighting building at 817 Sunrise Hwy. into a shooting range, massage and nail parlor, archery range and sporting goods shop.

ISS chief executive Pamela Newman said the shooting range would only train professional security officers and would not be open to the public. Her concept is to provide spa services to family members of officers and also open a sporting goods store and archery range for all ages.

ISS has contracts to train security agents with the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Transportation, NASA and the Environmental Protection Agency, Newman said.

“I think the public is concerned that there are guns and somehow that’s unsafe for children, but this is exactly the opposite. The people coming here are trained professionals,” Newman said.

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Residents opposed to the project said they’re concerned about noise and safety from the gun range; and traffic, parking and environmental issues, such as lead in the air and soil, from repeated gunfire. Residents who live within 200 feet of the site were notified last month by the village of the application and a public information hearing.

Joseph Gallo, 33, who lives about a block from the proposed site, said the shooting range shares property lines with homes and is within a half-mile of schools, senior assisted living facilities and religious establishments.

“It’s kind of a weird situation to have a shooting range of any kind next to these places,” Gallo said. “Our officials decided to raise the stature of the village. It feels like this diminishes that a bit.”

Newman said the property is zoned as commercial and she has completed multiple studies from traffic and environmental experts to follow legal procedures and certify her application. She held a March 21 informational session with residents, but was met with opposition from residents and Lynbrook Mayor William Hendrick. Residents say they have a petition with more than 1,200 signatures opposing the project and asking the village to reject the proposal.

“There will not be a gun range in the Village of Lynbrook unless additional evidence is provided to us that demonstrates that this is somehow beneficial to the Lynbrook Community as a whole,” Hendrick said in a statement.

Newman accused the mayor of discrimination and inflaming residents.

“I need to use a commercially zoned area facing the LIRR and it doesn’t get more commercial than that,” Newman said of the Lynbrook site. “I feel like I’m being discriminated against as a woman and denied my basic rights.”

The village board is to vote on the application May 2.