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Malverne teachers get hit with 'cream pies' after homecoming pep rally

Malverne High School history teacher Danish Nadeem let

Malverne High School history teacher Danish Nadeem let students smash whipped "cream pies" into his face during a fundraiser for the senior class held after the pep rally on Friday, Sept. 18, 2015. Credit: Tara Conry

Wiping whipped cream out of his eyes, Malverne High School history teacher Danish Nadeem stood against a brick wall outside the school Friday afternoon and braced himself for another onslaught of the dessert topping.

"Step right up and get your revenge," one member of Malverne's Class of 2016 shouted as she collected dollar bills from her fellow students in exchange for pie tins filled with whipped cream.

The students had their choice of smashing the "cream pies" in the faces of Nadeem and three other faculty members --  chemistry teacher Pat Nolan, earth science teacher Steve Heller and history teacher Brian China.

Nadeem and China were the popular targets.

"We both teach A.P. so we assign a lot of homework and I think the kids were getting back at us," said Nadeem, who estimated he took about 20 pies to the face.

But he said it was worth it, because the money collected, about $30, would be going toward a fund for the senior class.

This was the first year that students held the fundraiser, which took place after dismissal on Friday following the homecoming pep rally.

In other firsts, Malverne High School Principal Vincent Romano also unveiled during the pep rally a new trophy that would be awarded to the team that wins Saturday's varsity football game against East Rockaway.

Called the Leistner Trophy, it's named in honor of Ken Leistner, a Malverne alum, former football coach and strength consultant for the NFL, and with his his wife, Kathy, Romano explained.The couple, who now lives in East Rockaway, have donated athletic equipment to the school over the years, he added.

The award also highlights Malverne's rivalry with East Rockaway, a relationship that's a bit complicated given that the districts have combined some of their sports teams including soccer and lacrosse. But not football.

"East Rockaway, they're all my boys when it comes to lacrosse season," said Kyle Pinder, a senior on Malverne's varsity football squad who plays on the Malverne-East Rockaway lacrosse team in the spring. "But when it's football season, all that friendship is gone. Tomorrow we are really going at it."

The matchup between the schools has been dubbed the "Battle of Ocean Avenue," since both schools are located on the same road less than 2 miles apart.

Romano said that whichever team wins Saturday's homecoming game will have their name etched into the trophy and will take the award back to their school. Then, every time the Mules plays the Rocks, the trophy will be up for grabs.

Speaking to the students, Romano added, "We already cleared out a spot [in the display case] for that trophy, so when the football team steps out on the field Saturday for the 'Battle of the Ocean Avenue,' their goal it to beat the Rocks and beat them good."                                                          

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