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What do you think about Venditto’s acquittal?

John Venditto, Mangano's wife Linda and Jonathan Sinnreich

John Venditto, Mangano's wife Linda and Jonathan Sinnreich on the stand are seen in a sketch at the federal courthouse in Central Islip during the corruption trial of Mangano and Venditto. Photo Credit: Aggie Kenny

Former Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto was unanimously found not guilty today on all charges, including federal program bribery and honest services wire fraud. The jury delivered a partial verdict in the trial that also includes former Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano and his wife, Linda.

Jurors are still deliberating on the charges against Edward and Linda Mangano.

Tell us what you think about the partial verdict on this trial.

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The Jury has spoken

melinda camastro, EAST MEADOW

These kind of people are responsible for how taxes now reach the stratosphere. This is a shameful verdict...

Peter Ekstrom, Massapequa

Disgrace..Nothing but mobsters in office.

anthony muzio, amityville

Just another politiican getting off Scott free

Richard cullen, Farmingville

Can't believe it.

David Zielenziger, Great Neck

The jury has decided he was incompetent, that is the only explanation for 20,000,000 in Town backed loans getting past his...

John Capobianco , Farmingdale

He isn't a criminal. He was just an incompetent Supervisor giving the greatest deal ever to a constituent and a bank.

Craig Gardy, Dix Hills

Thank God for an informed jury.

Sandra , Lido Beach

Another innocent man's life ruined by out of control federal prosecutors.

Anthony Logeri, Douglaston

Only Guilty of following Ed Mangano marching orders.

george morrison, levittown, ny

Figures. Corruption continues.

Tom Zettwuch, East Meadow

Charges against Mr. Venditto were chicken crap. No money went into his pocket.

Charles Carpenter, North Massapequa

Justice is blind for sure.

Sandy MacLeod, Kings Park

I am terribly disappointed in the not guilty verdict.

Eileen Bogner, Plainview

The jurors heard all the facts and ruled him innocent.

Donald Campbell, East Meadow

John Venditto got a fair trial and an impartial jury.

Robert Ripp, Massapequa

I can’t believe it.

Gerard Byrne, Northport

The defense attorney did a good job for his client.

Diana Breunig, Massapequa

100% typical..Another one walks away..

Mike Williams, Lynbrook

Is anyone surprised?

Tony Lauricella, Sea Cliff

They new about the loans and did not disclose it for the bonds they released. Wrong verdict.

Dan Pollan , Massapequa

He was the one that I thought would be found guilty.

David Anderspn, Ridge

Even if 1/4 of what they're accused of is true, we're in a big mess with all the politicians.

Carmela Ilardi, Mount Sinai, NY

I'm happy about the Venditto verdict.

Paul Richards, Bethpage

Jury has spoken.

Louis ceglia, Cary,NC

They are all crooks, he got lucky!

Paul Pich, Nassau

Corruption survives! Shame on the jury!

William McMahon, Massapequa

Once again the Republican Mafia proves to be Teflon.


How is he not guilty.

Eileen Miller, Massapequa Park

Two words "beyond doubt."

Nick Miller, Mill Neck

The jurors must be from communities that enjoy high taxes and shady bossmen.

Lawrence McVey, Uniondale

Normal, responsible politicians don't co-sign loans with private vendors.

Thomas R. Mullen, Massapequa New York / San Diego, CA

His acquittal seems a shocking failure.

Robert W. Mays, Freeport

This trial was a window into the inner workings of the Nassau County Republicans

Robert DeMarco, Wantagh, NY

This is partly why my wife and I escaped from LI.

Jerry LaForgia, Lewes De

I’ve lost all confidence in the judicial system.

Marie Polifrone, Hewlett

Now the jury has to use common sense and acquit the Manganos.

Susan Hoare, Farmingville

Another crook gets away with fleecing the taxpayers.

Ersel McDouche, Massapequa

The jury got it right !!

Joe Ryan, Melville, NY

Thought he was guilty, but the jury thought otherwise.

Peter Fiorillo, Jericho

Everyone knows what a cesspool of corruption Oyster Bay is.

Robert Finnan, Syosset

What matters most is that is tenure in government is over.

Rae Arora, Seaford

The jurors probably voted for Trump as well.

Jim Murphy, Massapequa

I shake my head in disbelief.

George Taggart, Hicksville

When I read that his signature was forged on some of the documents, I knew he wouldn’t be convicted

Frank Stuart, Farmingdale