A Massapequa man who pleaded guilty to evidence tampering after being charged in connection with taking unauthorized photos of a child in a "lewd manner" in a Nassau County yogurt shop will serve a probation term.

Nassau County Judge Angelo Delligatti sentenced Richard Stacel to not more than 5 years of probation Wednesday, crediting him for about 60 days in jail.

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The judge said Stacel, 46, will have to give probation officials access to his electronic devices. Stacel will not be a registered sex offender, authorities said, but Delligatti imposed some conditions on him that sex offenders must follow.

Police said they arrested Stacel after an off-duty police officer allegedly saw him snap unauthorized cellphone photos of an 8-year-old girl in a "lewd manner" in July 2012. Stacel was standing close to the girl, who was with her parents, when he took the pictures.

Police said that after the officer confronted Stacel, he struggled and broke his phone and its memory card.

Police arrested Stacel again in January 2013 after investigators reported finding two lewd photos of young girls on his computer flash drive, following a probe that started after his earlier arrest.

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Stacel said he had no comment as he left court Wednesday. Lawyers for the prosecution and defense also declined to comment outside the courtroom.