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What do you think of the mistrial?

Linda and Edward Mangano walk to federal court

Linda and Edward Mangano walk to federal court in Central Islip on May 24. Photo Credit: James Carbone

The federal corruption trial of former Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano and his wife, Linda, ended Thursday afternoon in a mistrial.

U.S. District Judge Joan M. Azrack made the declaration after receiving a note from Juror No. 2 that read: “i can no longer carry-out my duties as a juror. i wish to be excused.”

What do you think about the mistrial? Let us know below.

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Horrible waste of my taxes!

Nick Miller, Mill Neck

Sloppy, ugly, unsavory, but not criminal.

Bill Burke, East Norwich

The process leading up to the trial was an organized witch hunt

George L. Leifer, Massapequa Park

If there is a retrial it needs to be moved off Long Island.

Andrew DeMarco, Massapequa

Long Island is an expensive and dangerous place to live with leadership like this

James Nolan, Copiague

I think the FBI should get out of politics and shouldn't be so quick to offer immunity.

Maria Pollio, Malverne

The problem is Singh. Did he give gifts with expectations of favors?

Joe Russo, Massapequa

How many other Singh's are out there that have not been caught?

Mark Anderson, Albertson

Shame on the jurors for thinking “business as usual” is not criminal!

Donna Cuomo , Wantagh

I think they should drop the charges against Linda Mangano and retry the former County Executive.

Mary Creekmore, Oceanside

I just want to know if all Town of Oyster Bay and Nassau County taxpayers are now entitled to free limo rides...

Gary Citro, Hicksville

They’re all guilty

Mike Clark , Hicksville

What a disgrace in our judicial system.

Alan Klinger , Hicksville

He and the entire county are corrupt.

Bill Kunz, Malverne

I am not putting anyone in jail based on anything from Singh

Ken Dunne, Manorville

Waste of taxpayer money!

Jeff Snyder , Mineola

Please don’t waste time and money to retry this case.

Brian Rosenberg, Garden city

They got away with it. Jury could not see the forest.

Richard Frauenglass, Huntington

American justice at its best.

Richard T. Flood, Mineola

What a disgrace!

Tom Barracca, East Meadow

Jurors must be morons.

Mike B, Syosset

The Mangano's were guilty as sin.

John LaMarca, Oakland Gardens

A complete waste of time and taxpayer money spent on this travesty.

Chris Gavamaet, Watermill

The government should be ashamed to have presented such a sham of a trial.

Linda O, Bethpage

Justice prevailed!

Joseph Guard, Plainview

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Stan Miller, East Northport

A second trial is a waste of taxpayer money.

Wayne Belyski, West Islip

Innocent from the start

Anthony , Hicksville

I'm happy the gov failed to crucify.

Gary Jones , Huntington

As a former federal prosecutor it distresses me to see a hung jury.

Bryan Farrell, Hampton Bays

The man’s career and livelihood are long gone, if the government couldn’t prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt the...

Adam Heller, East Rockaway

Very much expected. Corruption continues in Nassau at the highest levels.

Tom Zettwuch, East Meadow

The fact that my politicians think they are above reproach sickens me.

Joyce Koestenblatt, Long Beach

Change the venue to Manhattan and you’ve got a conviction.

Stephen Signorile , Greenlawn

Can't the feds get a conviction these days ?

Jeff Plaxen, Bellmore

As a senior citizen I have seen SO much corruption in NC

Bo Busch, New Hyde Park

If we did this we would have been in jail.

Ann Anderson, Melville

The government did a poor job

Richard , Ronkonkona

I'm not sure why they're celebrating like it's an acquittal.

James Whalen, Glen Head

The system is broken on local, state, and federal levels

Richard Collins, St. James

The government did a terrible job

Chris T., West Islip

I'm surprised by the mistrial

Glenn Comunale, Little Neck

Both Manganos should have been acquitted.

Joe Ryan, Melvillle NY

Another waste of our taxpayers system.

thomas cunningham, hartsdale

Normal people aren’t bestowed with “gifts” the way the Venditto’s and Mangano’s were.

Robert Ripp, Massapequa

They seemed like decent people, and very nice to me, but looks can be deceiving

Ken Martone , Baldwin

The FBI playing politics again and maybe for once being called out on it.

James Fulton, Central Islip

Have to get a better system

Richard Pennamen , West Babylon

Feds just stole many millions trying to advance their careers.

Robert DeNitto, Uniondale

Acceptance of exposed political crime is an embarrassment to our claim of democracy

Robert W. Mays, Freeport

The jurors didn't live up to their obligation to render a verdict.

Craig Aarseth, Massapequa

The jury didn't care, but the voters don't seem to care either.

Kristen Ferrari, Massapequa

I do think the prosecution did a poor job.

Edward McNamara, Ronkonkoma

I thought there was sufficient evidence for some convictions.

Kevin Huttenlocher, Mt. Sinai

The system is corrupt.

Ms C, Brookhaven

Chance to send a message, but the jury failed.

Richard Terwilliger, Elmont

Good for the Manganos.

Sam Petter, Westbury

The high standard of “reasonable doubt” was apparently not met in the eyes of the jury.

Richard Blech, Jericho

Maybe Cuomo and diBlasio next.

Joshua Allan, Lake Grove

Drain the swamp.

Sandra , Long Beach

The result was not unexpected since it didn't appear that the government had enough to prove its case.

Stu Schneider, East Meadow

An outcome like this makes a mockery of our court system.

Julie McGuinness, East Islip

I think they should retry Mangano.

Robert McDonald, Mineola

What guarantee do the taxpayers of Nassau have that this will not happen again?

Bill Parrish, Eastport

They should be re-tried.

Cindy Bastien, Baiting Hollow

This is crazy considering all of the evidence present.

C. Murphy, Merrick

The federal prosecutors have presented unconvincing evidence in many corruption trials.

Francis Banta, Glen Head

Where will it end?

Joan Echavarria, Massapequa Park

The jury foreman's reasoning sounds simplistic and flawed.

Drew Biondo, Port Jefferson

I no longer have any faith in the FBI.

Cheryl Weinthal, Farmingdale

The federal system cannot be trusted.

Peter Fiorillo, Jericho

12 weeks and the prosecutors want a re-trial?

Charles Gardner, Kings Park

What could have justified the money paid to Linda Mangano?

Marilyn DeLalio, Glen Cove

What Jury could possibly believe these government sponsored lies?

Craig Comerford, Bethpage

Are taxpayers paying for the legal fees?

Timothy J. Hickey, Babylon

This is selective prosecution of Republicans

Walt Smith, East Meadow

We need a better system to attract smarter jurors.

James Burke , East Islip

This trial was not going to change that process with any verdict

Randal Schultz, Blue Point

O.J. jury, meet the Venditto-Manganos' jury

Robert W. Mays, Freeport

Why was Singh paying Linda Mangano 450,000 when he couldn't pay his employees?

Michael Rosen, Farmingdale