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Unconscious dog rescued from Hicksville fire, say Nassau cops

Police medic Benjamin Butt gives oxygen to a

Police medic Benjamin Butt gives oxygen to a dog rescued Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017, from a fire in a house on Georgia Street in Hicksville. Another dog was unconscious when Butt helped rescued it. Credit: Kevin Imm

Nassau police and fire firefighters rescued three dogs, one knocked unconscious, from a smoky Hicksville house fire Thursday morning, police said.

The three female dogs — Inca, a husky mix, Sasha, a Greek pekingnese and Chloe, a black border collie — were treated by a Westbury veterinarian and were in stable condition Thursday afternoon, said Det. Lt. Richard LeBrun, a Nassau County police spokesman.

The blaze began about 9 a.m. at the Georgia Street home, police said. Nassau police officers Michael Rothwell, Steven Tornetta and Andrew Massa, and Police Medic Benjamin Butt responded to the scene and could hear a dog barking inside.

The officers and medic, who described themselves as dog lovers, recounted the events: Massa kicked in the front door and all four entered, but had to crawl on the floor to avoid the thick smoke inside the home.

They quickly found Inca laying unconscious near a couch.

“It was barely breathing,” Tornetta said. Massa and Tornetta carried Inca out and rubbed her chest and Butt administered oxygen.

Worried about Inca’s precarious state, Tornetta put her in his police car and sped her to the nearest veterinarian.

“By the time I left bout 20 minutes after being there, the dog was fully conscious and walking around,” Tornetta said.

Meanwhile, firefighters from the Hicksville Fire Department, were battling the blaze, which police think may have started in the kitchen area of the home. Neighbors told cops there were two other dogs inside, but the smoke was too heavy for them to go back inside without the kind of heavy equipment used by firefighters.

After about 20 minutes, a team of firefighters found the two other dogs hiding under a kitchen table, and were able to walk them out. Butt administered oxygen to both of them, neither appearing to be seriously injured.

The homeowner, who could not be reached for comment, showed up to the scene, but her main concern was her dogs.

“She was very happy that the dogs were all right,” Massa said. “I don’t think she really cared about the fire. She said, ‘They’re rescue dogs. I love my dogs. Where are they?’ ”

The three police officers said helping the dogs was a wonderful feeling.

“We know how much we love our dogs, so we’re so happy we were able to give someone else’s dog back,” Massa said.

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