Detectives on the case of the Queens woman whose bound body was found in Breezy Point have been examining a "grainy" surveillance video that shows two women leaving the home of the victim's boyfriend, a law enforcement source said last night.

The surveillance camera footage is from a building across the street, and detectives are trying to see if it shows Marisha Cheong and whether the other woman is an acquaintance of her boyfriend, Latchman Balkaran, the source said.

"It's nothing that's definitive," the source said. "But it could be leading us in the right direction. This might say, 'It looks like it could be her and that looks like it could be a woman, so what woman would have a gripe with the victim?' "

Investigators in New York City still don't know the cause of death for Cheong, officials said.

NYPD detectives interviewed the boyfriend of the 24-year-old woman and released him, the officials added.

The Queens woman, who was a student at Long Island University, was found Saturday about 8:40 a.m., the NYPD said.

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Cheong, who spent much of her childhood in Valley Stream, where most of her family still lives, was last seen the night of Dec. 19 at the Queens home on 145th Street where she lived with her boyfriend, a law enforcement source said.

-- With Bill Mason

The body of a woman found with her hands and feet bound at a Breezy Point beach has been identified as Marisha Cheong, New York City police and her family said. Photo Credit: Handout