The village of Old Westbury is joining the village of East Hills in its efforts against airplane traffic and noise over the North Shore.

Old Westbury Mayor Fred Carillo seconded East Hills Mayor Michael Koblenz’s recent call to local officials to end the “intolerable conditions” posed by planes headed to John F. Kennedy airport by considering litigation against the Federal Aviation Administration.

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In Carillo’s letters to local officials such as North Hempstead Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth and Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, he suggested that the FAA could revise flight paths, fly at higher altitudes, or revise descent landing angles, in order to mitigate noise.

Koblenz previously said that petitions and press conferences have been unsuccessful, and that a lawsuit was the last resort available to villages near Kennedy Airport. He said that East Hills has yet to hear back from North Hempstead or Nassau County.