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Sister of slain officer testifies against cop killer

Ronell Wilson was convicted in 2006 of murdering

Ronell Wilson was convicted in 2006 of murdering NYPD cops James Nemorin of Baldwin Harbor and Rodney Andrews of Middle Village during a 2003 undercover drug buy. (March 13, 2003) Credit: Robert Mecea

The tearful sister of slain NYPD detective James Nemorin testified Tuesday that convicted killer Ronell Wilson made fun of the Long Island cop's family during his first death penalty trial in 2006.

"The defendant was sticking out his tongue at us," said Marie-Jean Nemorin Etienne, appearing before the jury at Wilson's death penalty retrial in Brooklyn federal court. "He was having fun at us, you know, no remorse."

Leaving court, Nemorin's older sister took a swing at the idea that life in prison is a harsh enough punishment for double-cop-killer Wilson, who is accused of fathering a child in jail with a guard last year.

"He's loving his live," she said. "It's good! He's got a woman! Getting her pregnant! Unbelievable! My wound became wider."

Wilson, 31, is charged with killing NYPD officers Nemorin of Baldwin Harbor and Rodney Andrews of Middle Village during an undercover gun buy in 2003 in Staten Island. He was convicted in 2006, but an appeals court overturned his death sentence and ordered a retrial on the penalty.

Nancy Gonzalez, a former prison guard from Huntington Station, was charged with conceiving a child with Wilson in jail last year. She gave birth in March and has confirmed that paternity tests show the child is Wilson's.

Wilson was impassive during the emotional testimony by Nemorin Etienne of Canarsie, who said she and James were the fourth and fifth of 10 children in a large Haitian family and described her brother as a man with such a kind disposition he was nicknamed "Little Sweetheart."

"My brother spoiled us so much with so many habits that now we miss him every day," she told the jury. "We miss his hug, we miss his presence. His death left a vacuum in the family because we cannot replace him and we will never see him again."

Earlier Tuesday, prosecutors released a video played for the jury that showed Wilson being subdued by a team of guards at the federal Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn after cursing them and refusing to leave a recreation area last fall.

The dramatic 25-minute video, which shows Wilson smirking at the camera even after he was tackled and cuffed by a half-dozen guards, was played in court on Monday as part of a prosecution effort to portray Wilson as a danger if he is allowed to live.

The death penalty retrial is in its second week. In addition to dramatic testimony about the murder of the cops, prosecutors have presented evidence of multiple run-ins Wilson has had with officials and other inmates in prison - first at Rikers Island, and later in the Brooklyn jail.

The video was made last September, while Wilson was awaiting his retrial. It begins with guards assembling and describing their tactical plan for subduing Wilson.

In later footage, he is ordered to present his hands for cuffing through the slot in a door, and curses in response. Then he is tackled, subdued, and marched out of the recreation area to a holding cell.

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