Schools Superintendent Kishore Kuncham has vowed to walk every street in Freeport’s 4.63 square miles in an effort to help spread goodwill in this multicultural municipality, the second-largest village in Long Island and the state.

“The purpose of this journey is to promote and inspire peace and harmony, within ourselves and in the Freeport community,” Kuncham said. “Peace is beautiful, eternal and contagious and I would like to spread it with every step of my 100-mile walk.”

His march is the continuation of what began May 7 after the 7th Annual Community Peace March, a collaboration of village schools, government and community organizations. More than 300 people marched.

Far fewer, but some, have walked each day last week with Kuncham, who added the new twist of making it his business to walk through the entire village both before and after school with his message.

Kuncham, 58, has walked about 4 1⁄2 miles each day beginning May 7. He is calling it the “Freeport Peace Walk — Smile for Peace, Mile for Peace.”

“I have been participating in the walk,” village trustee Debra Mulè said last week. “I know Dr. Kuncham initially intended this as a personal quest, but I thought it was wonderful thing to do in the name of peace.”

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In addition, she said that it is good exercise and she also has gotten to see how beautiful the village is, “especially in the northwest corridor, where we walked [last] week.”

She added that, so far, she has only walked about an hour at a time but planned to do the whole route Wednesday. “It was interesting to see how many different people joined in the walk,” she said.

Kuncham said he will be walking every day, including Saturdays and Sundays, through the first week of June or until he has completed the 100-mile walk.

“All Village of Freeport residents are invited to put on a smile and walk a mile for peace,” he said.