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Towing, impound fees to increase in Glen Cove

Glen Cove City Hall on Sept. 23, 2015.

Glen Cove City Hall on Sept. 23, 2015. The city council has voted to increase vehicle towing and impound fees, with some charges doubling. Credit: Howard Schnapp

Vehicle towing and impound fees in Glen Cove will rise by as much as 100 percent under a resolution the City Council unanimously approved Tuesday night.

Glen Cove Police Lt. Pat Wright told the council that the fees — which are paid by drivers — had not been increased for more than 20 years. The low fees helped lead to a drop in the number of tow companies licensed in the city — from at least 10 several years ago to four today, he said.

“For some of them, it wasn’t worth their while to come out,” Wright said in an interview after the 6-0 vote.

Two of the remaining towing companies still licensed by the city requested the increase, he said.

“When I researched it, I found we were the lowest by far for some of the fees” compared with nearby Long Island municipalities, Wright said.

The towing charge for the first mile or less will rise from $75 to $125. The cost per additional mile stays at $5.

Storage charges for the first seven days double, from $10 a day to $20 a day, and for additional days, the charges will rise from $15 to $20 a day to $30.

Charges for cars impounded because the driver was arrested and charged with driving with a suspended license or driving while intoxicated increase from $25 to $30 a day.

The charge to tow a car for impounding rises from $200 to $225. The administrative fee the city charges for police to authorize the release of a vehicle goes up from $75 to $100.

The new fees go into effect on Sunday.

Wright said the change will place the fees roughly in the middle among other Nassau County municipalities.

“I think this is really reasonable,” Councilman Timothy Tenke said before voting in favor of the increase.

Many of the tows are for cars involved in accidents in the city. Any cars on public roadways are required to use a towing company licensed to operate in Glen Cove, and the reduced number of tow-company options meant that disabled cars were left on public roadways — in some cases blocking traffic — for longer than when there were more licensed companies, Wright said.

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