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Two Brothers Scrap Metal ad beloved by LIers on social media

Two Brothers Scrap Metal commercial

A commercial for Two Brothers Scrap Metal has found sustained life on social media.

An advertisement for a Farmingdale-based scrap metal company has befuddled and amused Long Islanders for years.

The 30-second commercial for Two Brothers Scrap Metal first aired sometime in 2010, but continues to captivate audiences today.

If you search for the video on YouTube, you’ll find that the commercial, which features a teenage girl who inexplicably has too much scrap metal and no clue what to do with it, and has been viewed more than 49,000 times.

You’ll also find a handful of parodies and remakes, including one that stars a toddler in a high chair. It was even the inspiration behind a commercial for Norsic and Son, a Southampton-based sanitation company, which made its own parody that still airs on some East End radio stations.

“We found their commercial to be very funny, and so we figured we would do kind of a parody to stir the pot,” said Russell Beal, who helped produce the radio spot.

Love it or hate it, Long Islanders can’t seem to get enough of the ad.

There may be no one more surprised by the commercial’s longevity than its creator, Frank DeCesare.

DeCesare, 71, has since retired to Port St. Lucie, Florida, but used to work as a radio host and spent several years living in Levittown. In 2010, he says Rocco Colucci, who was affiliated with the company at the time, asked him to help produce the commercial as a favor.

Colucci could not be reached for comment.

DeCesare said he dreamed up the script in less than an hour.

“We wanted someone to ask where’s the best place to go, so we had the two girls on the phone,” DeCesare said. “And because it was going to air quite a bit during Yankees games, I decided I’d be watching sports in the commercial.”

It’s a cinematic masterpiece in three scenes.

The commercial opens with Jan — a character DeCesare named after his wife — calling her friend for advice.

“Vicky, what do I do with all this scrap metal?” Jan asks.

Cut to Vicky, who yells to her father in the next room: “Dad, what should Jan do with all her scrap metal?”

The father — played by DeCesare — replies: “Just tell her to call Two Brothers Scrap Metal!”

DeCesare said they rehearsed twice and then shot it in two takes.

In their first go, the actress portraying Vicky “didn’t grimace enough,” DeCesare said. In the second take, with direction from DeCesare to “overact a bit,” she “really poured it on.”

The commercial has aired regularly since it was created and began running again in early spring, a Two Brothers Scrap Metal spokesman said. The company’s management declined to discuss the commercial further.

Though DeCesare said the original concept was to create a tongue-in-cheek commercial, he never anticipated the critical commentary and parody videos it would inspire. And though he no longer lives on Long Island, he said other transplants still recognize him for his part as “the angry dad,” he said.

It was the first and only commercial DeCesare would produce, but he said he considers it a success.

“I don’t mind being made fun of. That was an essential part of the commercial. You see all the people who’ve made parodies of it, so you know it’s working,” DeCesare said. “I did my job.”

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