Stay safe in the storm.

That’s the message from Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow.

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Noting that winter storms are a major cause of accidents, injuries and fatalities, the hospital on Friday issued some tips to help keep Long Islanders safe during the anticipated nor’easter.

  • Avoid hypothermia by dressing properly and remaining dry when outside. Outerwear should be wind-resistant. If possible, where inner layers of clothing made out of wool, silk or polypropylene.
  • Be careful when shoveling snow. Lift with your legs; keep your back straight; and bend at the hip and knees. Grip the shovel close to the blade and avoid twisting to move snow.
  • Use a light snow shovel with an adjustable handle. This will reduce the amount of weight that is lifted and minimize painful bending.

Treat frostbite by heating the affected area with warm water. Do not rub the skin and do not apply a heating pad to the wound, as the damaged skin can be burned easily.

  • Stock up on food, bottled water, batteries, flashlights and extra blankets. And keep a battery-operated radio on hand.