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Other options exist to fulfill social media needs

An image of the foursquare website.

An image of the foursquare website.

So Facebook has hit the 500 million user mark - Does that make it social media king? Sure, but it doesn't necessarily mean Facebook is the best option for all our social media needs.

Here's a list of other online tools:

Google Wave

The newest web application from Google allows a group of people to share the same conversation, and link images, maps and video.


Uses a mobile phone's GPS to enable a sort of scavenger hunt among friends in their neighborhood. People can let friends know when they've "checked-in" to places within the neighborhood and their experience.


A site where users can ask and answer questions. Want to know what other people think about your new sneakers? Take a photo and ask. Need help deciding who to take to the prom? Let the online world decide.


Allows users to create a profile of their professional experience to help build business connections. LinkedIn has more than 70 million members in more than 200 countries.


A site where people write reviews of places from restaurants to spas and add entries to their to-do list.

- Jose Moreno and

Aisha Breland-Henry

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