A 60-year-old Long Island man, who police said had wandered away from his daughter's house in upstate Highland after a dispute, was rescued after suffering hypothermia and becoming confused.

State Police said the incident occurred at about 7:30 p.m. Sunday. The identity of the man was not released.

Police said the man "had been drinking," that he was "not dressed for the elements" -- and that he had been gone about three hours when he was found. His body temperature was about 80 degrees, police said.

Sustained body temperatures of 80 degrees or lower are "almost uniformly fatal," police said. Troopers said they were able to locate him through a cellphone call, but that due to hypothermia, communication with the man was difficult because he was confused.

The search involved troopers from Highland and Gardiner, as well as the Ulster County Sheriff's Office and the Town of Lloyd Police Department.

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After making contact through the man's cellphone, police were able to triangulate his rough location from a nearby cellphone tower. Though the man had stopped communicating because of his condition, troopers said they were able to spot the light from his phone.

He was found standing thigh-deep in snow, police said.

Troopers wrapped the man in jackets, then got him out of the wooded area.

Police said the man sustained frostbite, but the severity of that frostbite was still not known. Police said the victim was recovering slowly.

No other details were immediately available.