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Clinton poll bounce widens; Trump bleeding wherever you look

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump greets supporters after

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump greets supporters after speaking at a private fundraiser in St. James on Aug. 4, 2016. Credit: Johnny Milano

Trump is losing all over the map

New swing state polls show Hillary Clinton’s bounce in national numbers is mirrored in some of the places it will matter most in cobbling together an Electoral College majority.

She is leading Donald Trump by 15 points in New Hampshire, 11 points in Pennsylvania, 9 points in Michigan and 6 points in Florida, according to the surveys.

There were more indicators of an expanding national lead for Clinton.

A McClatchy-Marist poll found her crushing Trump by 15 points. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll said the was ahead by 9 points — almost double her lead before the Republican and Democratic conventions.

The best news for Trump? Election Day is still 95 days away.

Tale, twice-told, still false

On Wednesday, Trump’s campaign corrected a story he told at a Florida rally, giving a vivid description of a top-secret video he claimed to have seen of $400 million in cash being delivered to Iran.

The images he referred to were of former U.S. hostages getting off a plane in Geneva, said spokeswoman Hope Hicks — not “money pouring off a plane” as he described.

No matter. Trump told the same story about the nonexistent video at a Maine rally Thursday.

By Friday morning, Trump took to Twitter to walk-back his comments.

He wrote: “The plane I saw on television was the hostage plane in Geneva, Switzerland, not the plane carrying $400 million in cash going to Iran!”

Tale, twice-told, still false

Even after earning a “pants on fire” and “four Pinocchios” rating from PolitiFact and The Washington Post, respectively, for saying last Sunday that the FBI had vouched for the truthfulness of her public story on the email server, Clinton gave the same answer to a Denver TV station.

At a House hearing days after his announcement that Clinton’s actions did not merit criminal charges, FBI Director James Comey repeatedly refused to characterize her public remarks. He said she didn’t lie to the FBI.

Endorsement without benefits

House Speaker Paul Ryan, fresh off his non-endorsement by Trump, said Thursday that his endorsement of the GOP’s presidential candidate is “not a blank check” and he will criticize him whenever warranted.

“I don’t like doing this; I don’t want to do this,” Ryan told a Wisconsin radio interviewer. “But I will do this because I feel I have to in order to defend Republicans and our principles so that people don’t make the mistake of thinking we think like that.”

Trump on LI’s North Shore

Trump touched down by helicopter in Nissequogue for a $1 million fundraiser at the home of Carolyn and Steve Louro, Newsday’s Scott Eidler reports.

Andrea Giordano, 56, of St. James, wearing a white cap that read “Make America Great Again,” came to the beach park where the helicopter landed to catch a glimpse of Trump.

“I love his candor and his honesty and his no-nonsense attitude,” Giordano said.

Hold that thought

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley), a Trump supporter, said on LI News Radio’s “L.I. in the A.M.” that his candidate “has certain thoughts in his head that should just stay there.”

“Hillary Clinton has thoughts in her head that she chooses to keep there and not post on her Twitter account,” Zeldin said. “That is just so important for anyone running for office.”

Animal instinct

Secret Service agents moved to guard Clinton on stage when animal rights protesters approached during a rally in Las Vegas. An agent told the momentarily startled Clinton to “keep talking,” so she ad-libbed a jab at Trump.

“These people must be here to protest Trump,” she said. “He and his kids have killed a lot of animals.” It was an apparent reference to Trump sons Donald Jr. and Eric’s fondness for big-game hunting.

Trump unveils economic team

Trump who has campaigned on his business acumen, vowing to be “the greatest jobs president,” announced on Friday the formation of an economic team of policy advisers. The all-male panel is comprised of more than a dozen advisers, including real estate investors, bankers and hedge fund managers.

What else is happening:

  • President Barack Obama said Trump’s warnings that the election could be “rigged” are “ridiculous,” adding: “I’ve never heard of somebody complaining that they got cheated before the game was over or before the score was even tallied.”
  • Jack Martins, the Republican candidate running to replace retiring Democratic Rep. Steve Israel, will vote for Trump but has not endorsed him, reports Newsday’s Tom Brune.
  • Paul Nehlen, the Ryan primary opponent who’s gotten a shout-out from Trump, says vetting Muslims entering the U.S. won’t work so he’d consider going further: deporting all Muslims from the county.
  • An 11-year-old boy told vice presidential nominee Mike Pence at a North Carolina rally that he seems to be “softening up on Mr. Trump’s policies and words,” and will that remain his job? Pence laughed and said he and Trump have differences in “style” but not “conviction.”
  • Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani said it was Newt Gingrich who used the word “intervention” to describe plans by senior allies to counsel Trump on focusing his campaign. “I love him dearly but ... what a ridiculous word,” Giuliani said.
  • Nude modeling photos from 1995 of Melania Trump have prompted questions about whether the Slovenian immigrant had the proper work visa at the time. Her ex-agent says all her papers were in order.
  • David Duke, the ex-KKK leader running as a Republican for a U.S. Senate seat, said if he is elected by Louisiana voters “nobody will be more supportive” of Trump’s legislative agenda.
  • Hillary Clinton’s campaign has suspended spending on TV ads in Virginia through Labor Day. The move to pull back ads in a battleground state comes amid state and national polls showing her leading Trump.
  • The Harvard Republican Club will not be endorsing Trump’s presidential bid, marking the first time the club has not endorsed the top of the GOP ticket in it’s 128 year history.
  • “Let’s move Melania Trump into the White House” — that’s the name of a group formed by a dozen or so New Yorkers (unaffiliated with the Trump campaign), with the aim of spreading support for the aspiring first lady.
  • Former CIA acting director Michael J. Morell has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Morell, in a New York Times Op-Ed piece, said he is not a registered Democrat or Republican, but decided to publicly endorse Clinton because he believes Trump may “pose a threat to our national security.” Meanwhile, Trump’s running mate Pence, took aim at Morell during a Friday morning NBC Today Show interview, accusing him of “playing politics.”

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