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Could Trump’s latest travails extend Clinton’s poll bounce?

Donald Trump's controversial comments on Khizr Khan, and

Donald Trump's controversial comments on Khizr Khan, and his wife, Ghazala, led 69 percent of respondents to a Fox News poll to say the GOP candidate was "out of bounds." July 28, 2016 Credit: Newsday / Alejandra Villa

Post-convention poll bounces usually settle at least partly back to earth, but there’s a chance Hillary Clinton’s could stay up or even go higher amid the spectacular self-inflicted recent turmoil in the Donald Trump campaign.

Major national polls taken right after the Democratic convention showed Clinton leading by 3 to 9 points.

What wasn’t clear was whether they fully measured voter reaction to Trump’s rapid-fire generation of new controversies, including his attacks on the Gold Star parents of a Muslim U.S. soldier who died in Iraq, which extended into this week even as supporters pleaded with him to stop.

On Wednesday, a Fox News poll conducted Sunday through Tuesday showed a 10-point Clinton advantage.

And when voters were asked about Trump’s criticism of the Khan family, only 19 percent said it was “in bounds,” while 69 percent said it was “out of bounds.” Republican voters were evenly split.

Results were similar in a Morning Consult tracking poll taken Monday and Tuesday.

Trump’s comments were judged as appropriate by only 18 percent of registered voters, Bloomberg News reported. More than three times as many — 59 percent — said they were not appropriate.

Only 14 percent said the Trump comments make them much more or somewhat more likely to vote for Trump, compared with 34 percent who said they were somewhat or much less likely to support him.

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