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Cuomo has long list of agenda items

Cuomo has made cleaning up Albany a hallmark of his campaign. He has embraced former New York Mayor Ed Koch's "throw the bums out" NY Uprising project - which is focused on redistricting reform, balancing the state budget and ethics enforcement and oversight - and published a 74-page pamphlet detailing his proposals.

Cuomo's plan hinges on four key elements: Create an independent commission to take over responsibility for drawing legislative districts; require public disclosure of lawmakers' sources of outside income and outlaw the "pay-to-play" system, in which individuals and corporations make campaign contributions with hopes of getting government contracts or other political favors; develop a public financing system for campaigns that lowers individual contribution limits from $55,900 for primary and general election campaigns, and enact tougher public corruption laws, including stripping elected officials convicted of crimes of their state pensions.

But while Cuomo has meticulously listed the goals of his reform platform - his pamphlet on the topic is titled "Clean Up Albany: Make it Work" - he hasn't made it clear how he will prioritize them.

Last week in Merrick, Cuomo declined to say what's atop his state government reform agenda but said disclosure of outside income and redistricting are priorities.

"I don't believe you can rank them in terms of importance," he said in response to a question. "I think many of these components, many of these issues are just components of a plan. There's not one thing to fix Albany. You need to do a lot of things to fix Albany."

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