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GOP websites altered in Nassau, Suffolk

A Google search of the Nassau County Republican

A Google search of the Nassau County Republican Committee on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017, shows what appears to be a hack that includes the slogan, 'Repeal and Replace Trump,' where the letter 'T' is replaced with the hammer and sickle symbol. Credit: Google

Google searches for hundreds of state and local Republican committees across the nation, including in Nassau and Suffolk, were altered Wednesday to display the bumper sticker slogan “Repeal and Replace Trump,” with the “T” replaced with the hammer and sickle, a communist symbol.

At least 10 New York county and village GOP committees appear to have been affected, including in Huntington and Smithtown, along with GOP and Democratic committees in New Jersey, South Carolina, Ohio, Maryland, Georgia, Montana, Alabama and Washington, D.C. Party websites or social media pages were not effected.

The images were removed shortly before 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Google searches for the Nassau Republican Committee — the state’s largest — brought up a box on the right side of the screen displaying the party’s address, phone number and photos.

The images included a red and black anti-Donald Trump bumper sticker that sells on eBay for $1.95, along with the name of an individual identifying himself as Mike Bolle. Visitors who clicked on his name were taken to a Google Maps page showing all the affected sites nationwide.

“We don’t condone this and are asking Google to look into this,” said Jessica Proud, spokeswoman for the New York State Republican Committee. “It’s unclear how he was able to do this.”

A Google spokeswoman said the search engine allows individuals to add photos and reviews to Google Maps pages, “to have more comprehensive and up-to-date details about a place.”

But “we recognize there may be occasional inaccuracies or bad contributions that violate our policies,” she said. “We’ve since removed these photos and they are no longer appearing.”

Google searches for the Rockland County Republican Committee brought up an image of another bumper sticker with a picture of Trump, a Republican, and the slogan “And we thought Bush was an idiot,” a reference to former President George W. Bush.

Suffolk County GOP Chairman John Jay LaValle, a Trump supporter, blamed progressive Democrats for the stunt without offering evidence. “This is just the continued nonsense of a bunch of crybabies who lost the election,” he said.

Efforts to reach Bolle Wednesday were unsuccessful.

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